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Rec Sports Facility Reservation Request

Rec Sports Facility Reservation Guidelines

Officially recognized student organizations, University departments, and external groups may make Rec Sports facility reservation requests.

* All Reservation Requests received after August 1st, 2022 will have a $25.00 Administrative Processing Fee applied to the Cost Estimate and Final Invoice. 

Recurring weekly reservation requests are limited to one request per month:

  • ​Recurring reservations are limited to one two-hour block per week
  • Additional reservations may be placed two weeks prior to the next anticipated occurrence

If the reservation is for a designated "special event", fundraiser, or philanthropy it must first be approved by the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership through Engage.

Priority will be given to the following programs and departments:

  • Rec Sports programming (Intramurals, Group Exercise, etc.)
  • Rec Sports events
  • Kinesiology courses
  • Official student groups
  • University departments
  • Contracting user groups

Rec Sports Facility Reservations Policies

Reservation Requests

Reservation requests can be submitted online via the Facility Reservation Form on the Rec Sports website ( Requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance to allow adequate time to schedule the facility. A request is not approved until a reservation confirmation is sent to the requestor by the Assistant Director. Rec Sports reserves the right to deny any reservation requests. One (1) contact person must be used throughout the reservation process. Reservations may only be submitted by recognized University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Organizations, University Departments, and Community Organizations.

Non-University Affiliated Groups

Organizations not affiliated with the University that wish to reserve Rec Sports facilities must undertake a contract with the University, and provide proof of insurance for their organization after submitting a reservation request. Please contact the Assistant Director at (337) 482-6989 for more information regarding contracts and booking our facilities as an unaffiliated organization.

Event Information

Equipment and Setup

Each facility must be returned to the condition in which it was found. Tables, chairs, and other equipment must be returned to their original position. All Rec Sports property is to be accounted for and returned in the condition it was received. Moving equipment from one space to another is not allowed. Any equipment used must be requested prior to the event. Last minute additions to a standing facility reservation may incur additional charges if equipment, facility space, time used, or event length are increased. Large events that require setup and teardown of equipment are required to include setup/teardown time on the reservation.

Some events may require a meeting with the Facilities Coordinator.

Decorations and Materials

Nothing may be hung, pasted, or affixed in any manner to the facility walls, doors, windows, or floors without prior approval from the Facilities Coordinator. If you would like to have signs for your event, contact the Facilities Coordinator to make arrangements. Balloons, confetti, glitter, fog machines, candles, incense, or other flammable materials are not permitted at any Rec Sports facilities.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages must be approved through Rec Sports for all events.

Alcohol and Tobacco

As per University of Louisiana at Lafayette policy, alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted at any Rec Sports facilities.

Alcohol Policy Information

Tobacco Free Policy Information

Sound Amplification

Amplified sound at our indoor and outdoor facilities is restricted to prevent unreasonable interference with or disruption of normal campus activities, classes, and local neighborhoods. Any form of sound amplification for an event must be approved by the Facilities Coordinator.

Personnel and Security

Some events such as high risk or high occupancy events require security personnel. Only UL police or other campus approved security companies may be used to satisfy security requirement. The cost of security personnel will be charged to the reserving group. ULPD can be contacted at (337) 482-6447. ULPD is responsible for determining the appropriate number of officers needed for the event, as well as invoicing. Rec Sports reserves the right to require security personnel at events.

Inclement Weather

An inclement weather plan will be made prior to all outside events. This may include planning on delaying the event, rescheduling, or cancelling. If there is lightning in the immediate area, all outside facilities must be cleared until the area is deemed safe per the Campus Recreation Emergency Action Plan. Reservations that require a deposit will have it credited towards a future reservation.

Fitness Classes

Outside fitness instructors are not allowed. All instructors must be Rec Sports employees. To secure a fitness instructor for your event, please contact the Fitness Coordinator, Davon Long ( and include the type of class you would like, a brief description of the event, the number of people expected, the location of the event, and any other information that is pertinent. 


Parking is not guaranteed. During peak hours, Bourgeois Hall has very limited parking space. The Department of Parking & Transit provides buses and shuttles from Rex Street, to Bourgeois Hall, and Cajun Field. It is recommended that patrons and large groups find parking at Cajun Field during peak hours. Please contact the Office of Transportation Services for special transportation requests for events.

Transportation Services | | | (337) 482-6858


Any group wishing to advertise for their event or during their event must receive approval from Rec Sports. Failure to do so will result in the removal of any and all signage, and advertising groups being asked to leave.

Lost and Found

Rec Sports is not responsible for personal items left or lost in any of the facilities. Any lost and found inquiries can be made at the information desk at the main entrance of Bourgeois Hall.

Facility Policies

General facility policies must be upheld by groups at all times. If, for any reason, a group does not abide by the reservation and facility policies, their event may be ended early or cancelled. In the event of such an occurrence, no refund will be given. All facility policies can be viewed on the Rec Sports Policies and Procedures page.

Tournaments/Sporting Events

All groups holding tournament and/or sporting events must abide by all facility and reservation policies. Rec Sports is not responsible for officiating, scorekeeping, creating brackets, or running any part of these events. Rec Sports may be able to provide officials and game equipment if requested in original reservation request, and pending availability. For more information on hosting tournaments/sporting events, contact the Intramural & Club Sport Coordinator at (337) 482-6989   

Fee Information

Reservation Fees

Reservation fees are assessed on an hourly basis for all Rec Sports facilities. Reservations during our normal hours of operation will accrue the standard rate. Reservations which occur outside of regular hours of operation will incur additional fees. Rates differ based on the type of event and classification of requesting organization.

Equipment Fee

When available, Rec Sports may provide equipment when requested in original reservation. Contact the Facilities Coordinator at (337) 482-6158 for inquiries regarding equipment availability and costs.

Staffing Fee

Staffing fees will be charged for all events held outside of Bourgeois Hall, field events, or large events. The after-hours fee includes the cost of one Rec Sports staff. Rec Sports will determine the number of staff that an event requires.

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee will be charged to any group that does not return the facility in the condition in which it was found.

Surplus Time

Groups who occupy the facility outside of the times specified in the reservation will be charged for the additional time. Extraneous use will be charged to the group at the associated hourly rate, including the staffing fee. Groups are expected to conclude their events at the times agreed upon in the reservation quote.


Groups requesting times outside of our normal operating hours may be charged additional fees. All after-hour events must be approved by the Rec Sports Facility Coordinator

Cancellation Policy

Any reservation cancellation must be submitted to the Facility Coordinator in writing.

  • If the event is canceled more than 14 days prior to the event no costs are due.
  • If the event is canceled during 7 day range prior to the event, 50% of the estimated costs are due.
  • If the event is canceled less than 2 business days prior to the event, 100% of costs are due. Any events that are canceled due to acts of God, Rec Sports conflict, or any reason deemed valid by the Facility Coordinator, will be allowed to cancel or postpone their event with no penalty.


A non-refundable deposit MAY BE required from all student organization reservation requests. Deposits are due 1 week prior to the date of the event, if required. If required, groups who fail to pay their deposit will forfeit their reservation and will be removed from the Rec Sports Calendar. Events that are canceled due to weather or for an unforeseen circumstance deemed appropriate by Rec Sports, will have their deposit held as credit for a future reservation for that organization.

COVID-19 and Campus Event Framework

Please note that all reservations are subject to any changes in the University's Campus Event Framework.

By submitting a reservation request through our website, you are agreeing to abide by all the Rec Sports Facility Reservation Guidelines.

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